Extension Engine Home Page Video

Designed as an exciting and dynamic "landing" screen for the Extension Engine home page that in broad strokes describes what they do as a company.

Harborlight Montessori School: engage your world

A visual introduction of words, images and graphic elements to tell the story of a Montessori school's re-branding process.

NaviNet Open - NaviNet is the Network

NaviNet Open is a real-time, next-generation enterprise cloud-based healthcare communications network integrating value-based reimbursement and clinical workflows. It consists of a series of layers: a platform, a set of network services, a suite of Value-Based Network applications, and a set of tools that customers can use to configure and customize the system. 

Motion Graphics -Intro
Life Science Demo Reel

Various projects highlighting my motion-graphics and animation work in the life science and healthcare fields.

ECRM WorkMates Video
Understanding Vitamin D

Medical educational piece created for Abbott Labs, while working for Animation Technologies. This video details a number of recent findings regarding the importance of Vitamin D to the regulation of calcium and other processes in the body. Intended as a broad overview for medical professionals as well as the general public.

VFlo Pump Intro

Product introduction for new pump technology, featuring kinetic type and 3D animation.