Primary Animation and Editing Workstation:

Custom-built Dual Hex-core Xeon Processor PC (24 Cores)

  • 32GB RAM
  • Ultra Fast SSD System Drive
  • All video footage hard-drives SSD
  • 4 TB of Additional HD Space
  • Nvidia GTX 980TI Graphics, 6GB NVRAM
  • Three color-callibrated 1080p HD Monitors


  • Wacom 6x9 tablet
  • Professional Flat-bed Scanner
  • 2TB Network Storage Server with continuos real-time backup
  • Four custom-built rendering machines
  • Full Gigabit Network, Comcast upgraded Gigabit Modem
  • Dedicated and Secure Business-level DropBox Storage


Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit OS

Autodesk 3DS Max 64-bit Animation software package

Mental Ray and VRay Rendering software

Adobe Production Suite CC 2017 (including but not limited to)

  • Premiere Pro (video editing and color grading)
  • After Effects (motion graphics, editing and 3D animation compositing)
  • Audition (audio recording and editing)
  • Photoshop (image creation and photo editing)
  • Illustrator (vector image creation and editing)
  • In-Design (graphic design and page layout)
  • Encore (DVD and Blu-Ray Mastering)