Auto-Transfer Switch

Created for ASCO Power Technologies, this animation was part of an interactive media presentation.

The 7000 Auto Transfer Switch features high speed transfer of loads between alternate sources of power, regardless of ampacity, which is achieved using a reliable, field-proven solenoid operating mechanism. When combined with a programmable microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display, they offer the most advanced method of transferring all types of loads, such as motors, electronic drives, UPS’s and microprocessor-based systems.

Solectria XGI Inverter

An video animation I produced for Yaskawa Solectria Solar for their new PV Inverter product. All animation, editing and effects were generated by me, with the exception of the corporate video clips (of the factory production), which was provided by the client.

Stock Music by Disfigure at NoCopyrightSounds.
Voiceover provided by Brad Ziffer.

Delsys dEMG Systems

Video and animation for medical device maker Delsys. The Delsys dEMG System is a non-invasive biofeedback system for motor control studies and investigations of motor unit behavior.
I shot all the live action video and produced the extensive animation sequences as well.

Liquid Storage Management System

Animation and video for Hamilton Storage, showing a detailed presentation of an automated liquid storage system for the life-science and medical research communities.

This system includes the ability of freeze, store, de-thaw and organize multiple samples. Created with a combination of company provided CAD models which were then textured, lit and animated for final HD presentation via Blu-Ray.

Live action video sections shot by Jerold Gelfand, owner of Boston Digital Video.

Revolabs FLX UC 500

Introduction of Revolabs newest product: a high-end conference call hub with superior audio performance in a small form factor. Produced in conjunction with Boston Digital Video.

Extension Engine Home Page Video

Animated motion graphics and compositing over live action video. This spot is used as a video "landing page" or introduction at the client's Home page.

Inside the Keurig K-Cup

An animation depicting the science behind the magic of producing a fresh cup of brewed coffee in 60 seconds or less, from Keurig Coffee company.

Solectria Solar: Unpacking and Installing a Rooftop Inverter

Clip from a video I animated for Solectria Solar, demonstrating some of the new innovations featured in their latest PV Inverter, the XGI.

From the Atom, to Silicon Chip, to Smart-Phone

Part of a longer video for major manufacturer of chip fabrication equipment (Applied Materials), this animation brings to viewer from the basic building block of a silicon atom, all the way to a silicon computer chip embedded in a common smart-phone in a continous and dramatic series of camera zooms.

Client: Ketchum Digital

Lab Science: Liquid Sample Handling

Depicts and explains the innovative technology used by Hamilton Robotics for their STAR pipetting liquid handling machine.

The animation, generated from imported engineering models along with purpose built models, shows new pipettes being retrieved, samples being aspirated and then dispensed, and the used pipettes being disposed of; all hands free. Cross-sections of each stage are shown to better explain how the technology is deployed.

Heart Disease and Coronary Stent Operation

A brief visual tutorial on the basics of coronary arterial disease via plaque buildup and calcification, and the resulting dangers of reduced blood flow. An operation depiction the use of balloon angioplasty, and followed by the insertion of a coronary stent to restore healthy blood flow is shown.

This piece was originally intended to be presented by a medical professional who would add additional details and explanations while the animation played.

Automated Biological Storage System

This animation project depicts the BIOS system by Hamilton Storage. It is an automated long-term storage system specifically designed for storage of sensitive biological samples at temperatures down to -85°C. The system, which could be thought as more of a self-contained facility, is capable of ensuring the integrity of 250,000 to >10 million sample tubes.

Life Science Demo Reel

This demo reel is a sampling of work from a variety of projects and clients in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biological education. The projects featured range from animations produced for public awareness and outreach, to marketing to medical professionals, as well as device demonstration videos.


Demo Reel: Technical Animation

Selected clips from over 15 years of high-end technical animation.

Projects include depictions of injection molded plastics robotics, medical devices, silicon wafer handling robotics, to automated liquid handling and storage machines. From the large industrial to the near microscopic, the animations all share a dedication to accuracy while telling a compelling story.

Understanding Vitamin D

Medical educational piece created for Abbott Labs, while I was working at Animation Technologies. This video details a number of recent findings regarding the importance of Vitamin D to the regulation of calcium and other processes in the body. Intended as a broad overview for medical professionals as well as the general public.


The client (TrucBrush Inc.) hired me to produce this short video (with accompanying animation) to introduce a new product aimed at the shipping and transportation industry. A longer form video was also produced for trade shows and presentations.

ECRM Newsmax Video and Animation

Video and animation showing a variety of features and technologies for client ECRM. The machine is a digital platemaker employed in rapid printing. The fully automated NEWSmax provides simplicity, versatility and economy with high speed performance.

Mechanology: technicalTIVM Expansion and Compression Pump

Mechanology, Inc.'s positive displacement technology has been described as "the first major innovation in compressors in over 30 years" and have important ramifications for energy conservation, reduced carbon emissions, and national energy independence.

The pump's name is actually a description of it's technical innovation: Toroidal Intersecting Vane Machine.